What is the minimum funds I need to open an account?

$200 ($99.90 one time for the bot & $100 to fund live account. Fund with BTC or TRC20

Can I add more funds in the future?

Yes, you can add funds anytime, through funding & internal transfer

Does the company charge any other fees?

There's 80/20 split of all profits at the end of each trading week

How often can I withdraw principle?

On weekend when funds are not in the market trading.

What is the minimum amount to withdraw?

$10.00 ($3 flat rate fee)

How long does it take to get your withdraw payments?

Less than 24 hours, generally under 8 hours

How often does the bot trade?

Averaging 3 trades per day. Sunday to Thursday evening. Usually all trades are completed between 9:00pm and 3:00 am EST